Eden Mazda Scrappage 2020


Eden Mazda Gives You More for Your Scrappage Vehicle

The great deals you've come to expect at Eden Mazda now come with an additional saving of up to £4,000 in scrappage value, ensuring you get the most for your current vehicle when you bring it to us for an upgrade.

Scrappage Amount: When You Trade Into a Brand New...
£3,000 Mazda2
£3,500 Mazda3
£3,000 Mazda MX-5
£4,000 Mazda CX-30
£4,00 Mazda CX-5
£3,000 Mazda6


Am I eligible?

Yes, as long as your car was registered on or before 31 December 2010 you'll be eligible for our Mazda Scrappage Upgrade Plan and savings off a new Mazda.

Is the incentive only available on Diesel cars?

No, the scrappage scheme is available for petrol cars too.

Are there any Mazda models not available on the Mazda Scrappage Upgrade Plan?

All Mazda models above 143g/km CO2 emissions are excluded from the Scrappage Incentive Scheme. This includes, and is not limited to, all Mazda CX-5 petrol models, Mazda CX-3 AWD models, Mazda6 Tourer petrol models and all Mazda MX-5 184ps models. 

What happens to my old car?

Mazda UK has teamed up with CarTakeBack who provide a network of professionally managed authorised treatment facilities (ATF’s). These are fully licenced by the Environment Agency and meet Mazda’s quality standards for the receipt, treatment and recovery of vehicles. CarTakeBack responsibly recycle every vehicle to the government target of 95%. All eligible part-exchanged vehicles will be scrapped and removed from the road, highlighting Mazda's commitment to the environment and the lowering of CO2 emissions.

We're confident that you'll fall in love with the new generation of Mazda vehicles, now made even more affordable with the addition of our scrappage offer. There's a friendly sales team waiting for you at your local Eden Mazda showroom, and they'd love to run you through the details of how much you could save.