Any Mazda, Any Deposit, Any Term.

Buying a brand new Mazda?

At your local Eden dealership, total flexibility is yours.

When you purchase a brand new car from one of our dedicated Mazda showrooms, we want you to be 100% in control from start to finish. That includes deciding on a payment plan.

We offer an unparalleled degree of flexibility when it comes to financing your perfect Mazda. In fact, we want you to call all the shots: tell us how much of a deposit you'd like to put down, as well as how long (or short) a period you'd like to pay off the remaining balance. Even better? No matter which route you choose, you won't pay a single penny of interest.

That's any Mazda, any deposit and 0% financing for up to 5 years.

You set the conditions, and we'll work out the rest to make sure your big purchase comes with small monthly payments. This is our promise to you, regardless of whether you opt to purchase the car outright via HP (hire purchase) or keep the costs even lower with our competitive PCP deals (in which you can choose to take ownership with a one-off payment at the end of the contract, or trade back in for another new car.)

Our flexible 0% APR financing is available on every single vehicle you'll find in both our Taunton and Basingstoke dealerships, so whether you're looking to save big on an MX-5 or get an unbeatable deal on a feature-packed CX-5, you're guaranteed to get your brand new Mazda for less.




Ready to explore the most flexible 0% APR car financing in the country? The Eden Mazda team are standing by.