Eden Motor Group Warranties: Worry-Free Motoring

Six months warranty for EVERY vehicles sold (up to eight years/80,000 miles at date of purchase), extendable up to three years.

It goes without saying that we hope you’ll never run into an issue that requires a warranty claim, but should a situation arise, Eden strive to make the process as smooth as possible.

Whether you’re buying new or used, just about every mechanical and electrical breakdown you can think of is covered by the standard Eden warranty – if something goes wrong, we’ll pick up the tab for parts and the labour required to fit them.

Even better: up to the purchase value of the vehicle, there’s no limit on the number of claims you can make.

Total Peace of Mind with Eden Assist

As well as our standard warranty cover, be sure to ask your dealer about Eden Assist. When added as part of your cover package, you’ll be entitled to the following benefits:

Roadside Assistance & Nationwide Recovery: We’ll settle the bill for all call out fees and mileage charges. If we can’t get you up and running at the side of the road, we’ll make sure you and you passengers get where you need to go.

Home Assist: If you can’t get off your driveway for any reason, one of our recovery operators will be right with you.

Caravans & Trailers: No extra cost for caravan/trailer recovery.

Message Service: We’ll let work or home (or both) know if you’re stuck in a situation that is holding you up.

Additional benefits and perks also apply – chat to one of the Eden Motor Group team at your local dealership or call us on 0844 573 8147 for details on the full Eden Assist treatment.

Need to Make a Warranty Claim?

We’re sorry to hear your car is under the weather, but rest assured that we’ll have you back on the road in no time.

If you’re able to take your vehicle back to a nearby Eden dealership, one of the team will be more than happy to verify your warranty info and start the repair process. Job done.

If you can’t make it to us, don’t worry; simply take your car to any VAT registered garage along with your warranty handbook and Validation Certificate. The repairer will then be able to liaise directly with an Eden administrator to organise the repair and covered payment.

Please note, however, that in some circumstances you may have to settle the costs direct when using a 3rd party repairer before claiming the amount back from Eden with a copy of the invoice. We aim to settle all such authorised payments without delay.

Handy Contact Numbers:

Eden Customer Support Line: 0844 573 8005

Roadside assistance for Eden Assist customers: 0844 573 8147

Transfer of Warranty and Recovery:

Transferring a cover plan over to your vehicle’s next owner shouldn’t be difficult… so we’ve made sure it isn’t.

As long as your vehicle is still within the Warranty period and the sale is being made privately, all we need is a few details from the new owner in order to transfer all the benefits you’ve enjoyed. You’ll find a form at the back of your Eden Care Customer Handbook – please send this along with a £25 administration fee to: Customer Services, Eden Warranty, Jubilee House, 5 Mid Point Business Park, Thornbury, West Yorkshire BD3 7AG.

Cheques should be made out to Car Care Plan Limited. If for whatever reason the transfer isn’t applicable, we’ll return the admin fee in full.

The Dry Stuff

As always, the usual T&Cs apply. Please consult your Eden Warranty handbook for full details, but here’s a quick summary:

Part repairs or servicing must not start without prior approval of Eden Warranty or an associated administrator. Failure to comply with this request is likely to affect your ability to claim under this cover.

Eden Warranty provides a high level of peace of mind cover, though there are certain parts and rare incidents that are specifically not covered under your warranty. Please refer to your Eden Warranty handbook for more information, or contact a member of our friendly warranty team if in doubt. Exclusions to Eden Assist benefits also apply.

Please note that Eden Warranty and Eden Assist are not insurance products. Eden Warranty is administered by Car Care Plan Limited, Europe’s leading warranty specialist who has delivered years of unparalleled levels of service and reliability to our customers.

Eden Assist is provided in association with Call Assist Ltd.