That New Look to Last a Lifetime

There’s nothing better than that new car finish. Unfortunately, it never seems to last much more than a week after you take your new vehicle off the forecourt.

Even regular waxing and polishing can feel like an uphill struggle against the everyday elements, all of which take their toll on your paintwork.

That’s where Safegard comes in.

Safegard Paint Finish Protection is a complex and unique formulation which combines natural synthetic waxes, oils, clay and a fluoropolymer to provide multiple benefits to vehicle paint:

  • Cleans and rejuvenates paintwork by removing impurities and microscopic imperfections
  • Combinations of natural and synthetic waxes produce an unmatched deep gloss showroom shine
  • Extreme durability thanks to the modified fluoropolymer additive, which actively bonds to the surface of the paintwork with multiple layers of protection
  • Creates a microscopic, hydrophobic film which repels water and pollutants for many years to come (improving the life of the paintwork and making it easier to clean)
  • Helps maintain the vehicle’s long-term value
  • LIFETIME Paint Finish Guarantee – 3 Years no polish!

Eden has provided the Safegard Guarantee on many of our vehicles, and the feedback from our clientele has always been that it makes a resounding difference to the life of the paintwork, as well as its ease of care.

Safegard Upholstery Protection

Safegard not only has the outside of your new vehicle covered, but the inside too; with our upholstery protection guarantee, worrying about stains and spillages are a thing of the past. If it was up to the team here at Eden Motor Group, no vehicle would leave our dealerships without it - be sure to enquire about adding Safegard protection when you discuss your next car with us, and one of our friendly sales executives will be more than happy to demonstrate the benefits.