Servicing and Parts

Only the very best Saab-trained experts work on your car, so they understand problems quickly, and repair efficiently, using only genuine and reliable Saab parts.

We know your car, and we supply the genuine Saab parts that are tested to the highest standard and designed specifically for your Saab, so your car runs exactly how you expect it to. Safely, reliably, and to Saab's now legendary performance standard.

We guarantee all our work and price check independent dealers to ensure our prices are competitive, as well as fully transparent. So whether you have a classic vintage Saab or a brand new release you can find any of the parts you might need, even the most obscure. And if you're not sure what part you might need, we can help, we're experts on everything Saab.

In fact, there really is no one better to service your Saab. If you are considering servicing your Saab elsewhere, get a quote from us first - we are excellent value.

Current Servicing Offers & Promises