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Peugeot Partner

There are few commercial vehicles as aptly named as the new Peugeot Partner. It’ll fit into your fleet team seamlessly, providing you with a professional option to transport larger amounts of cargo.

The van has a robust yet attractive, distinctively Peugeot look. Several body styles are available for the Partner, including crew cab, panel van, and short or long wheelbase versions. Its flexibility means that it can be adapted to a range of specialist tasks; it can be converted into a tipper, dropside, or refrigerated van. The majority of models have side and rear access doors, twin air intakes and a wraparound front bumper.

The van’s interior offers the space and comfort that drivers and passengers require during long shifts. The “Professional” trim level includes options such as Peugeot Connect with hands-free Bluetooth® and electric windows. The dashboard has been widened and a rearrangement of the instrument panel gives it a contemporary appearance. With the Multiflex bench seat, you can balance the passenger and cargo spaces depending on who or what you’re transporting.

Peugeot provides the Partner van with a selection of 1.6-litre diesel engines, with forward-thinking e-HDi hybrid power systems and up to 92bhp. Incorporating the hybrid technology drives economy as high as 60.1mpg (combined). The vehicle is quick on its feet, accelerating with the enthusiasm and lightning responses of a hatchback. The electronically-controlled manual gearbox is a useful addition and makes driving simpler.

While you’re getting on with your working day, the Partner is also works as hard as you do to protect you and your cargo. It’s built with a reinforced shell that absorbs the impact of a collision, lessening the effects on the inside. Depending on the cabin layout, you have the option of adding airbags to boost the driver protection system.

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