Motability vehicle adaptations

One major benefit of the Motability scheme is how simple it is to organise adaptations to your chosen vehicle. Many different modifications can be made, and they all help to ensure you are comfortable at the wheel while also enabling you to drive safely.

According to the Motability scheme, adaptations can be categorised as the following:

  • driving adaptations - which improve your driving experience;
  • stowage adaptations – which allow you to transport a wheelchair or mobility scooter; and
  • access adaptations – which help you get into and out of the car.

The vehicle adaptations you need personally could impact on which models can be chosen through the scheme, as certain cars may not be suitable for particular modifications. It's important to discuss this with your Motability adviser, and here at Eden we'll let you know which cars are right for each adaptation.

Some of the most common modifications include:

  • push/pull hand control;
  • steering wheel ball;
  • left foot accelerators;
  • easy-release handbrake;
  • rooftop wheelchair stowage; and
  • a swivel seat.

Many of the above controls are fitted alongside the standard mechanisms, so your nominated drivers can still make use of the vehicle. In some cases these adaptations will also be covered by your lease plan, which means no extra costs to worry about.

If adaptations are needed you can order them when applying for your Motability car. We promise that all the changes made will meet the highest standards, and are completed quickly so there's little delay in receiving your model.

If you would like to find out more about adaptations, please click here to visit the relevant page of the scheme website. You can also contact your nearest Eden dealership for professional guidance from a Motability expert.