The Motability scheme and Eden Motor Group

For years, the Motability scheme has helped disabled motorists retain their independence by enabling them to swap their government-funded mobility allowance for a lease on a brand new car. On top of the lease agreement there are a host of other benefits, including vehicle adaptations at no extra cost, plus aftersales support and various running costs covered by the fixed monthly payment.

When you apply through Eden Motors Group all of the scheme’s advantages can be enjoyed, and you also gain the support of our specialist advisers for as long as you’re a member. Choosing us also means access to the latest models from some of the industry’s biggest names, and you can view every available car online today. Superminis, estates, SUVs and MPVs are all offered, so finding one that suits your requirements should be straightforward.

Before applying it’s important to check whether or not you are eligible, and we can help with this, too. If you are eligible, further financial help may also be within reach to make sure your mobility needs are fully met.

Since it was first established the Motability scheme has helped millions of disabled motorists, and you too can benefit with the help of Eden Motors Group. For details on eligibility, why you should join, how the scheme works and adaptations, please click through the relevant links on this page. For any other information or simply to speak with a scheme expert, get in touch with your nearest Eden franchise dealership.