i20 Coupe

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i20 Coupe

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Distinctive from every angle, the i20 Coupe offers striking LED daytime running lights for outstanding visibility whatever the weather, intricate alloy wheel designs and stylish rear lights that integrate seamlessly with the boot – so bystanders can appreciate your hatch’s good looks from any direction


You’ll never be out of touch with the i20 Coupe. Bluetooth® connectivity allows you to make calls on the go without using the handset. There’s also a smartphone docking station*, positioned in the perfect place for navigating or playing music. Just slot in your phone and it’ll connect to the i20 Coupe’s speaker system via Bluetooth® – as well as begin charging on the spot.*Compatible with Apple iPhone 5, 5s and 6, plus the Samsung Galaxy 5.5” screen. Stay safe when you’re looking for your favourite tunes. The i20 Coupe allows you to control the audio system from the steering wheel. With just a few clicks, you can change the track, turn up the volume and more – whether you’re listening via your phone, the car’s CD player or an MP3 device. Sport Nav models also feature a DAB radio for crystal-clear sound from a huge variety of stations.


What with tight spaces in multi-storeys and wonkily parked cars stuck at an angle, parking isn’t always the easiest thing in the world. The i20 Coupe helps out even the most experienced driver with rear parking sensors to guide you neatly between the lines.


Motorway journeys can get a little repetitive. How about a helping hand to keep you sure and steady? The i20 Coupe offers cruise control – switch it on and the car will maintain a constant pre-set speed. There’s also a handy speed limiter function. Cap your top speed and you can accelerate and slow down without going over your chosen limit.


Say goodbye to sticky uncomfortable car trips. The i20 Coupe comes with air con, while Sport and Sport Nav feature climate control as standard. Air con will keep you cool on sweltering days – plus de-fog the windows when things get misty – and climate control keeps the temperature perfectly fixed at whatever pre-set level you choose. Hey, it’s your i20 Coupe – you make the rules.

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